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These are my collections of abstract photo-artwork.

Each piece is drawn from a single image capturing an aesthetic combination of detail, shape, contrast or texture.

The single image is then taken to a different place using digital colouring and evolution with no Photoshop manipulation, distortion, or addition to, the underlying image.

These are the current theme collections, with others under development.

Commissions for personal or business use undertaken. Grand ideas welcome!

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    ART AUTO ART - vibrant abstract car photo-artwork. I love cars. The thrill and freedom of driving, the sounds and the smells but also the way a car looks, not just overall but in its small details. The curves, the contrasts, the wheels, the badges. These details give a sense feel and spirit. I see and capture these elements and then create bold abstract photo-artworks from them. One photo that represents; no digital compositing or changes to the content besides enhanced colours and patterns. These artworks are currently offered as high quality Limited Editions on large acrylic and metal panels and are perfect for garage and dens as much as studies and lounges. But if you have a creative idea, such as whole wall, just get in touch. ART AUTO ART Commissions or projects based on your car or collection, welcomed.
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    My father Lawrence J Armstrong was a Grade A technician in the RAF during WW2. Refitting Avro Lancasters on special projects including the sinking of the Tirpitz. In later life he worked on many exciting planes, from the FD2 developing Concorde to stress-testing Panavia Tornado at RAE Bedford. Planes have always been a fascination for me. These limited edition unique artworks are created from the forms and lines of iconic aircraft from past and present - one single image taken to a new level with digital colours and patterns but no multi-image compositing. Made to order, these HD direct-printed (not paper stuck on) acrylic or aluminium panels are water and fade resistant - ideal as signature pieces indoors or in hangars, workshops and external display locations. Commissions and special projects undertaken.
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